how coaching can help you

Coaching is essentially a ‘conversation’ between you the client and myself but it’s not your everyday conversation you may have over coffee with a friend.

You may have heard of the term ‘client centred’ - in simple terms you are at the heart of the conversation and we talk in a ‘safe space’ where you are free to do the talking and I listen with no judgements - reflecting back to you my understanding and helping you to make ‘sense’ of the situation you are facing or issue you are trying to resolve.

Coaching can be many things from providing a sanctuary in the moment to providing a challenge to you to take action. Whatever the situation you face coaching can provide the leverage you need to help you move forward.

Coaching has been described in all sorts of ways but my favourite analogy is like passing you a torch to help you find the light switch in a darkened room.


I offer a one hour FREE no obligation / no charge initial meeting where we can discuss your requirements and how my services below may be able to get your life back into ‘balance’.