The feedback i receive from my clients is extremely important to me.

"I first met with Mike in 2018 in response to a long-standing anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Immediately I found Mike to be incredibly attentive and compassionate. Initially he conducted a thorough interview over the phone with me to familiarise himself with my personal history. Though our initial appointments were based around hypnotherapy and life-coaching, he offered a multi-faceted approach which also included Metatronic Healing. I immediately found this modality to be profound, powerful and (especially) soothing. I had practiced Reiki in the past, and although outwardly similar, I experienced Metatronic Healing as going much deeper and much further. Though Mike allowed the content of the sessions to suggest itself, we returned to a practice called ‘Lifting the Story’ several times. In essence this process involved gaining separation from the contents of the mind (the story) and experiencing a sense of perspective and peace as a result. I found this practice particularly helpful with regard to obsessive thinking and rumination. I also found that the healing energies could last for days following a session. Throughout the sessions Mike maintained great focus, care and positive regard and I felt very safe and held in his presence. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Mike or Metatronic Healing as a form of therapy. I have no doubt that both have helped me significantly to better manage my anxiety disorders."

Chris from York



Vicky from York



“My journey with Mike first started when he was assigned to me as a Coach through my workplace several years ago. The coaching work that we did together has proved to be hugely invaluable to me over the years. It’s also how I knew that we would work so well together as he guided me through the process of Metatronic Healing. It was really helpful that Mike already knew a lot about my ongoing struggles, especially around my crippling anxiety and poor mental health. Having this established connection with him really helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed during my sessions. I found the healing process to be extremely powerful and profound. Each session left me feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I am now able to see things with much more clarity that I could before. It’s like seeing my life and the world through a completely different pair of eyes. For anyone who is considering dipping their toes into the world of Metatronic Healing, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike. He’s kind, compassionate and truly invested in helping people.”