Metatronic Healing

How metatronic healing can help you

Metatronic Healing ® is a truly unique and transformative healing system that can work with your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

There is a deep intelligence to the Metatronic Healing ® approach but what does it mean?

Metatron is derived from Greek, Meta meaning ‘more than’ and Tron meaning ‘form or structure’, so in simple terms it is an intelligent energy system that brings form or structure from the formless and shapes us and the world around us. In essence it provides and supports the building blocks upon which the very universe is created.

It introduces healing into our bodies via intelligent energies that work at a deep cellular level - helping your physical and emotional bodies back to their natural resonant state.

After clients have received healing they often describe a lightness within themselves and a deep sense of calm, physically and mentally.


We can all understand at an intuitive level that our very own bodies hold a unique and powerful intelligence - it is our DNA that holds our very own ‘blueprint’ allowing our cells to re-generate perfectly millions of time every day over an entire lifetime ensuring our bodies can be sustained with no conscious effort - bringing form from the formless.

Our bodies truly are the most complex and sophisticated organisms ever created and it is this complexity and intelligence that is mirrored in Metatronic Healing.


I am one of only three registered practitioners in Yorkshire and Humber region with a licence to use the Metatronic Healing ® system. Please follow the link below for further details.


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I offer a one hour FREE no obligation / no charge initial meeting where we can discuss your requirements and how my services below may be able to get your life back into ‘balance’.